The Arbors has many talented and creative residents. Our clubhouse decorations are maintained by Jo Ann Sanderson. She decorates the clubhouse walls and tables for our enjoyment during coffee hour and game nights and switches them out for special events.  Browse through the following pictures to see a few of the decorations. It’s always fun to see what is up at the clubhouse. Can you find the scuba diver looking for sunken treasure? How about that sand castle on the purple sand? You don’t see colored sand on Siesta Key, but our tables have many different colors of sand on display!! I hope Jo Ann didn’t need any of the flip flops to wear while they were on the display wall. It also made me curious; I wonder how long it takes the baby pink flamingos to hatch??? Click on any photo if you’d like to see an enlarged image. To return to the Clubhouse Decorations page after viewing the photo, click on the back arrow button up in the left hand corner of the screen.

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