We have affordable homes in a prime location close to several beaches and convenient shopping. Check back frequently to see an updated list. To see additional information and pictures when a home is listed, click on the button which contains a square and arrow pointing up to the right below the address after the for sale list.

Address                                                  Approx. Price             Contact phone number

26 Siesta Circle West (No Dog Zone)    $145,000                         941-219-9300

191 Palm Air Drive (No Dog Zone)        $219,000                         941-795-2322

199 Palm Air Drive (No Dog Zone)        $173,000                         941-451-7411

210 Palm Air Drive (Dog Zone)              $285,000                         303-478-7993  (Available January, 2025)

213 Palm Air Drive (No Dog Zone)        $175,900                         717-917-9202

221 Palm Air Drive (No Dog Zone)         $69,900                           941-255-5300

NOTES for 221 Palm Air Drive: This is an empty lot. A double wide home with a maximum of 24 ft by 48 ft must be placed on the lot along with a new shed and carport.

226 Palm Air Drive (Dog Zone)              $274,800                          941-928-8889

320 Tropic Drive (Dog Zone)                   $289,900                        941-499-8757

NOTE for 320 Tropic Dr: Includes adjacent lot and Gazebo

Arbors Office   Open Tuesdays   9-1        941-966-5444