This is an Update as of 5/13/2017. The postal workers collected almost 100,000 lbs of food items for All Faiths Food Bank on Saturday 5/13/2017. Our Arbors volunteer group was asked to help with this food drive. Six of our volunteers donated their time at the main post office to sort the variety of donations that came in during this food drive. Check out All Faiths Food Bank on Face Book to see some of the workers who participated. See if you can pick out our Arbors volunteers in the picture below!!

A group of volunteers from the Arbors donates their time on the 4th Thursday of each month at All Faiths Food Bank. This organization, along with their 184 partners and programs, works to deliver healthy food to families in need in Sarasota county to try to end hunger in our community. Just to mention a few of their programs; Veterans Appreciation Program provides food including fresh produce, dairy, and frozen meat to our veterans and their families on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. In the schools; BackPacks provides bags of kid-friendly food to children all summer long and on Fridays during the school year so they can eat on weekends and holiday breaks. Snack Pack Program keeps classrooms stocked with healthy, kid-friendly snacks that teachers distribute when a student comes to school without having eaten breakfast, or has nothing to eat during snack time. Kids should focus on school, not hunger. School Pantries provide parents of students with an opportunity to select items from a pantry set up on school grounds. The pantry is opened on a regular basis and offers a variety of nonperishable food and whenever possible, fresh produce and meat. Kids Café provides nutritious evening meals in a safe and supportive environment to children at risk of going hungry at night. To find out more about all of the programs, see the website at

Bowls of Hope 2017 was held Sunday, November 12, 11 am-2 pm at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota. Here’s a look at the menu.

Along with an opportunity to enjoy soup, bread and desserts provided by local restaurants, each person selected a beautiful, handcrafted bowl to take home as a reminder of the empty bowls they help fill.

In January, we started to pass around a jar once a month for donations to support All Faiths Food Bank and buy tickets for the Arbors residents to attend the 2017 Bowls of Hope. We had enough donations to purchase 10 tickets. Ask any of the lucky residents who attended the 2017 Bowls of Hope for their opinion about the food and venue. We plan on doing the same for the 2018 Bowls of Hope.

So far, our group has volunteered for a total of 213.5 hours.